The Singapore Paediatric Society is among one of the oldest professional societies in Singapore. The Society has been actively involved in many academic, educational and research activities in the field of child health. These include regular Continuing Medical Education lectures, symposia, national and regional paediatric and paediatric related conferences.

The Society also awards research grants annually and a number of projects by our local doctors had been supported by Singapore Paediatric Society research grants. The other highlights of the Society's activities include Haridas Memorial Lecture, Stuart Gan Memorial Fund for the study of immunodeficiency and Field Prize. All these activities are governed by specific rules and regulations.

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Latest Events

My Screen Free Diary

Screen free day is an event dedicated to playing, exploring, and rediscovering the joys of life beyond screens among young children.

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Everything you need to know screen free day
Why do we celebrate screen free day?

Child Development and Screen Time Project with Asian Medical Students' Association Singapore

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The Singapore Integrated 24-Hour Activity Guidelines for Early Childhood was successfully launched on 21st Jan 2022 by SMS Dr Koh Poh Koon.

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The guidelines are hosted on the College of Paediatrics & Child Health, Singapore ‘Publications’ webpage at


Kindly received attached for 4 guidelines or you can also access them via links below:

Singapore Integrated 24-Hour Guidelines for Early Childhood (0 - <7 years)

You can access the full guide at here

Or the summary guide at here


Singapore Integrated 24-Hour Guidelines for Children and Adolescents (7 - 18 years)

This set of guidelines was launched in 2021 and together with the Early Childhood guidelines, they provide recommendations for the paediatric population.

You can access the full guide at here

Or the summary guide at here